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3 Year

Certificate Detail

Radio imaging technology degree course deals with the study of operating radio imaging machines like X-ray, MRL, CT- scan etc. in the field of radiography. With the aid of our well skilled radiology technicians, the interpreting results from radio imaging machines helps us to find out the authentic problem by the use of new age technology of today’s generation. Our radiology technicians are fully reliable on the basis of our doctor’s opinion in order to detect, diagnose and treat dise

Job Opportunities

After the completion of Degree in Radio Imaging Technology, you will find a challenging career in a hospital, minor emergency centres, private laboratory, blood donor centres, doctor’s office or clinics. A technician can become a technologist through further education and work experience.

The candidate can also explore job opportunities in the field of teaching.

Salary Expectations

Initial starting salary of a Radio Imaging Technology Diploma student can be anywhere around 25000/- per month in private sector.

Whereas it goes up as the candidate gains experience.

If we talk about government jobs, the basic starting salary in around 50000/- per month, this also goes up as candidate gains experience.


1. Human Anatomy
2. Physiology and Pathology
3. Radiography Equipment
4.Physics of Diagnostic Radiology
5. General Physics
6. Radiation Physics
7. X-Ray: Introduction and Properties
8. Computers: Introduction and Basics
9. Patient Care and Ethics
10. Contrast Radiography Process
11. Clinical Radiography
12. Organisational Behaviour
13. Imaging Processing Techniques
14. Emergencies and its Principles
15. MRI, Ultrasound and CT Scan
16. Project Work
17. Instruments for Advanced Imaging Modalities
18. Radiobiology & Radiation
19. Quality Control
20. Imaging Processes Except for X-Ray
21. Log Book Auditing
22. Doppler and Echography
23. Anaesthetics in Diagnostic Radiology
24. Interventional Processes in Radiology


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